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Custom Made K Wires


 Single Trocar Double Trocar

0.9mm K wire, sterile

362.XXXs  370.XXXs
1.0mm K wire, sterile 320.XXXs  339.XXXs
1.1mm K wire, sterile 363.XXXs  371.XXXs
1.2mm K wire, sterile 321.XXXs  340.XXXs
1.25mm K wire, sterile 346.XXXs  345.XXXs
1.4mm K wire, sterile 322.XXXs  341.XXXs
1.5mm K wire, sterile 364.XXXs  372.XXXs
1.6mm K wire, sterile 323.XXXs  342.XXXs
1.8mm K wire, sterile 325.XXXs  343.XXXs
2.0mm K wire, sterile 324.XXXs  344.XXXs
2.5mm K wire, sterile 335.XXXs  337.XXXs
Order wires to any length:

  • Add the length (mm) to the main code given in the grid below.

For example, all types of 0.9mm K wire, single trocar, sterile have the code 362.XXXs.


  • 0.9mm K wire, single trocar, length 50mm, sterile……………….. 362.050s
  • 0.9mm K wire, single trocar, length 150mm, sterile……………… 362.150s

All custom made sterile packed wires are:

  • Individually packed in tough Tyvek® backed polyethylene pouches.
  • Sterile with a shelf life of five years
  • Supplied with three traceability labels per wire
  • Available in 6-8 weeks from initial order, after which we will maintain stock ready for rapid delivery.